military kavinsky because @natezami mentioned an interest in it :). I’D WATCH THIS MOVIE
kavinsky in #8 for gaycore . I decided to draw kav & the corgi from the stunt vid. through the entire video kav is all crazy cool and asocial until the corgi runs past and his inner dweeb shows for a split second.
KILL ALL HOT LIVING DEADSN°9 for Tessa who went 300% basic bitch and requested herself. Girl I heard you like zombies.
Kavinsky in Baby F-N°7 for slimy-babe and Anon. Still working on all other requests.
Samus in N°17 for somuchtoseesomuchtodo
I made two versions… which one is better?
Kavinsky game smut, I guess. NSFW+noncon! Click for full pic.
Mobile link
old man kavinsky keeps posting about fancy nikes on instagram but 80s aerobic kav is all i can see
i bet his stupid legs are far too long for his arms