Alex and I doodled in iscribble while spagcishetti was looking for their tablet :D I did Kav and Alex did the Sebs.
For autodriven, because he drools when he sleeps and I’ve had the inside of my cheeks stitched by the dentist…

I’ve put an actually working link to my main blog in the navigation now.

I drew some Breakbot & Irfane for chum because he is just a really good person ;u; I hope you like it.
Sebinsky AU where SebastiAn is the president/dictator of France and Kavinsky is the commander of his brutal secret police and executes people who oppose Seb’s total regime in the streets in cold blood but is a total toy for Seb in the bedroom
> NSFW Preview <
Seb x Kav x Seb. Click for the full picture! (Or here, if you’re on mobile)
This took me forever, but it was worth it! I loved Otachi’s tongue. And I’m sure Newt did, too.